DENVER & WESTERN                                                             PHANTOM CANYON

Adopted by the Board of Directors
Date: Jan. 10, 2008

Standard for
Meetings, Ballots and the Method of Voting


In addition to the activities of the Board of Directors, the Constitution makes reference to "annual meeting," "special meeting," "regular meeting" and "regular business meeting." The various meeting types are not well defined in the constitution. The meetings shall be conducted essentially in accord with Roberts Rules of Order. It shall be understood that the Thursday night gatherings of the club members does not automatically constitute a "meeting" of the Club. The following definitions & limitations shall apply.

Annual Meeting: The constitution provides an adequate description of the Annual Meeting of the club membership.

Special Meeting: Special meetings of the club membership may be called by the Board or by written request of five regular members in good standing. The scope of special meetings called by the Board shall be as defined by the board and may cover numerous items and/or subjects. The scope of special meetings called by written request of five regular members in good standing shall be strictly limited to the subject defined in the written request.

Regular Meeting: A regular meeting of the club membership may be called by agreement between two or more officers at a typical ‘gathering’ of the club members. The format of a "regular meeting" may be somewhat informal, without strict adherence to the normal order of business. The regular meeting is intended to handle club business in an expeditious manner. Subjects of discussion may be limited by the presiding officer.

Regular Business Meeting: Regular business meetings are scheduled in advance and typically on a periodic schedule. The schedule may be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or as otherwise scheduled. A regular business meeting may conform to the order of business defined in Article XIII of the constitution. A regular business meeting is intended to be essentially unlimited in scope, although the presiding officer may limit discussion because of time constraints.



When ballots are required they may be simple blank sheets of appropriate size or pre-printed paper ballots.


Method of Voting

Article X of the constitution states that "The right to vote is granted exclusively to regular members in good standing. Honorary or Associate members may be granted the privilege of the floor, but may not vote." The vote shall be taken by ballot, show of hands or voice vote, as the subject in question might warrant. The vote shall be collected and tallied from those physically present and voting. Proxy or absentee voting shall not be allowed.

In case of conflict between this document and the constitution, the requirements of the constitution shall prevail.