DENVER & WESTERN                                                             PHANTOM CANYON

Adopted by the Board of Directors
Date: Jan. 10, 2008

Standard for
Layout Concept

    1. Structures, scenery, and detail items shall be appropriate for the time period and geographical locale of the layout area in question. Locale is "looks somewhat like" but is not intended that the modeling effort would be a recognizable representation of the area suggested. Clearly ‘out of place’ structures or items will not be allowed.

    2. Standard Gauge:                      Time Period         Example Locale

      1. Placer Yard                      =<1958             Near Utah Junction?

      2. Calamity                            1958

      3. Troublesome                    =<1941

      4. Cripple Creek (SG)           =<1941             Cripple Creek CO

      5. Cripple Creek mines         =<1941             Cripple Creek CO

      6. Orwin Yard staging             none               none

      7. East Elyville                     =<1958

      8. West Elyville                    =<1958

      9. Phantom Canyon (SG)      =<1954             Salida CO

    3. Narrow Gauge:                         Time Period         Example Locale

      1. Indigo Yard                       =<1941

      2. Hard Bottle                       =<1941

      3. Indigo Town & Station        =<1941

      4. Hilltop Mine                      =<1941

      5. Highlands Station              =<1941

      6. Cripple Creek (NG)            =<1941             Cripple Creek CO

      7. Progress                          =<1941

      8. Narrow Gauge staging          none               none

      9. Marble                              =<1941

      10. Hancock                           =<1941

      11. Phantom Canyon (NG)       =<1954             Salida CO

    1. Standard gauge locomotives and rolling stock that are owned by the club shall have manufacturing dates not later than 1954. Narrow gauge locomotives and rolling stock that are owned by the club shall not appear newer than something that was manufactured in 1954. This obviously creates some ‘Time Warp’ problems, but is one of the necessary evils of a display layout that represents several time periods and locations. Clearly ‘out of place’ locomotives or rolling stock will not be allowed.

    2. Rolling stock that is placed in a particular area for purpose of completing the appearance of the scene shall be appropriate for the time period of the area in which it is placed. Time specific rolling stock should be returned to their assigned scene at the end of club operating sessions so that the display aspect of the layout will fulfill the needs of the Colorado Railroad Museum. This is most important for areas that are close to the viewing windows, such as Troublesome.

    3. Members’ locomotives and rolling stock left on the layout, whether for operation or display, remain the maintenance, repair or replacement responsibility of the member and shall conform to the requirements applied to club owned equipment.